Friday, 7 December 2012

iStore officially launches in South Africa: iStuff how-tos…(part one)

After years in the wilderness, South Africans can finally (without contravening Apple's terms of service) purchase content from Apple’s iStore. The South African version of the digital store officially opened on Tuesday 4 December 2012, along with a further 55 new countries, including the likes of Russia and Turkey.  

The digital iStore first opened in 2008 (as an update on iTunes software), and since that time many in South Africa have been purchasing content. A typical example would be creating a user profile as someone living in a foreign country and purchasing content with prepaid Apple vouchers.  Some, as I did, lived abroad and had access to accounts in existence, in any event, regardless of how it was done, it was an inconvenience, probably in breach of the terms of service and left most of us Africans in the stereotypical dark continent...

Many online retailers in fact sold (and continue to sell) Apple vouchers to local users. This obviates the need for an American credit card and opens up all content, including streaming video.   Lately, many South Africans elected to use the Kenyan version (as well as the American) of the iStore to have access to more content - the South African version was hopelessly empty. In any event, the intricacies of how that was done is best left to someone else.  The bottom line is South Africa now has access to a legitimate version of the iStore, well most of it.  The main missing feature at the moment is video and access to Apple TV.  It is coming.  A European based Apple representative confirmed on e-mail this week that South Africa will have video content this month.

Now, onto the iStuff how-tos.  This is part one of two with screen shots and brief explanation for changing iTunes store regions/countries, the Match Service and upgrading the recent system software on a iPhone or iPad:

iPhone / iPad

Change region

Note: to change region you must have valid South African credit card information. Select settings (silver machine wheel icon) from the home screen of iPad or iPhone:

change region in istore

Scroll down until you see "iTunes & App Stores" (if you have updated software) or "Store":

The next step assumes you have an Apple ID. If you do not, read here. Click your Apple ID (usually your e-mail address) and select "View Apple ID":

apple south Africa

You will then be asked for your Apple ID password. Enter it. You should be presented with your account settings front screen:

apple store south Africa

Occasionally, you may get the error below (I would imagine Apple detects South African IP address):

istore how-tos

Click okay and you will be back to the main account screen with a South African flag next to Country / Region. If you have another country or region selected, select South Africa from the list of countries. Accept the terms and conditions (copy via e-mall of you wish), click agree and you will be asked to enter valid South African credit card details and a postal address within South Africa.  Once accepted, click done.

how to change region country in iTunes

iStore launch in South Africa

apple how tos

You will be sent a confirmatory e-mail. If you use an iPhone and iPad you will need to do it on both devices - the process is the same.  I would also suggest going to settings, international and changing your region to South Africa:

istore how tos

change country of iTunes

Lastly, and most importantly, buy some music...

Part two to come.


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