Saturday, 8 December 2012

iStuff how-tos (Part two)

This is part two of a how-to with screen shots and brief explanation for changing iTunes store regions, the iStore Match Service and upgrading the recent system software on a iPhone or iPad. Part one is here.

Use iStore Match

Great product. All my content is synched up and available across all of my devices (Mac, iPhone and iPad). For me, this is convenient and worth the annual fee, which is R199,99.  To access this, select iTunes (from PC or Mac) and look for "iTunes Match"in the right hander corner of the main iTunes shop front, as shown below:


Look below right of the Beatles banner, click iTunes Match and you will be asked to subscribe for R199,00. Select yes (you may have to confirm payment details) and you will be shown the series of screens below:

update iphone ipad system software

istore match service


istore match service how tos

Once done, you will need to enable the service on you mobile devices (iPhone and iPad are the same), as shown below:

mobile apple setup help Digital Shop 

Click the iTunes Match to ON. You will be shown warning above, click enable and you are done.  I would also enable automatic downloads (note: if you are in South Africa, be wary of bandwidth usage, select this to off if you have capped internet access and only update and download when on wi-fi).

Update system software 

Have you ever looked at the red icon with the number one on it (below) and wondered; what is that? Typically, it is small updates to existing software on the iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, especially when the icon is over the settings icon it is usually a major system update.  Look at the screen shot below:

itunes match setup

Click the red one icon over settings. You will see this:

iphone itunes match service

upgrading system software of apple devices

Make sure you are plugged into mains power and on wifi, click download and install and you are done. The device will restart and you will need to do this individually for each device. 

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